East Texas SGA Rules and Guidelines Pg. 1


                    ALLOWED AT ANY EVENT   

General:                    All meetings will be conducted following Roberts Rules of Order  

General Officers:       The General Officers will consist of a President, Vice President,

                                Secretary and Treasurer (can be held by one person)

Board of Directors:    There will be a maximum of five (5) directors

Election of Officers:   The election of officers will be conducted annually and will be

                                by the majority of those members present and voting at that

                                meeting. Terms shall be for one (1) year. The then current

                                officers are eligible for re-election.

Membership:             The membership shall consist of Charter members , Non-Charter

                                members, Corporate members and Associate members. All

                                membership applications (other than Charter members) will

                                be acted upon by the officers and/or directors for consideration

                                of acceptance.

Dues:                        The dues of the organization will be $25.00 per year with

                                renewal on the anniversary date. Dues must be current for a

                                member to be recognized as a participating member of the

                                organization. Corporate dues are $50.00 per year and this

                                allows the advertising of that corporation at any and all

                                ETSGA sponsored event. (All  advertising materials will be

                                subject to ETSGA approval). Booths and/or tables not included


   East Texas SGA Rules and Guidelines Pg. 2

Artists:                      Featured artists will be scheduled for ETSGA meetings from

                                time to time. All artist members of ETSGA will be selected to

                                perform on a rotating basis wherever possible. The appearance

                                of a non-member featured artist will occur on occasion thereby

                                disrupting the selection of member artists. EVERY artist appearing

                                for presentation will have the right to select the back-up musicians

                                for that portion of the program. Should that not be the artist's

                                choice, the member in charge of the program will select and notify

                                any and all back-up musicians (with alternates) for that given

                                program. ALL back-up musicians will be selected in advance

                                for each program.

                                Guests are always welcome to attend any PROGRAM PORTION

                                of scheduled events and we encourage members to invite and

                                bring guests. ALL guests are subject to ETSGA Rules and

                                Guidelines regarding conduct.

Meetings:                  Meetings are currently set for the third (3rd.) Sunday of each

                                month. Certain holidays may affect the meeting date. Each

                                member is encouraged to attend all meetings for the discussion

                                and decisions pertaining to all business matters of ETSGA.

Conduct:                   It is requested AND EXPECTED that ALL persons attending

                                any function of ETSGA conduct himself or herself in a manner

                                that would promote a quality reputation for ETSGA. Any person

                                (member or guest) failing to do so will be asked to leave the

                                 premises immediately.

East Texas SGA Rules and Regulations Pg. 3

Expulsion:                  Any member is subject to expulsion for the following reasons:

                                 1. Flagrant violation of ETSGA Rules and Guidelines

                                 2. Conduct that would tend to cause embarrassment to ETSGA

                                 3. Causing dis-harmony among ETSGA members.


All charges will be presented to the President who will select three (3) current members in good standing to review the complaint and bring a recommendation to the President for presentation to the membership at any given meeting for discussion. Should a member be expelled, there will be no refund of any previously paid dues.

                                      SPECIAL NOTE

The Rules and Guidelines stated here are done with the intent of creating a professional atmosphere and an accepted reputation by all concerned and has no intent to discriminate against or bring embarrassment to any person, member or guest.