East Texas Steel Guitar Assn. Purpose and Direction

                                  Tyler, Texas


    The first and foremost purpose of the Association is to further advance

the Pedal Steel Guitar, recognizing the need to further advance many

other fine instruments at the same time. Without the support of other

instruments, the Pedal Steel Guitar would not be the recognized instrument

that it is today. It has the uniqueness of being recognized as the

 hardest instrument to master. There are very few that do master the

 instrument. It takes a certain talent and commitment few have to play

 the instrument with the finesse and feeling required. It takes not only

 determination but a special touch and feel that comes to very few.


 Along with saying that, the members of the “East Texas” Steel Guitar

 Association strive to form a closeness among the members that keeps us

 involved with each other sometimes on a daily basis. Musicians are a family

 of friends that have come very far along the way and held onto friendships

 like so many other organizations fail to do. Friendships among musicians

 sometimes last a lifetime, though separated by miles and miles in later years.


Creating an organization such as “East Texas” does not come easy. It takes

the committed efforts of many to get such a job done right. Our goal at

ETSGA  is to develop such an organization that others will appreciate

being a part of.  Our Rules and Guidelines are an attempt to establish such

an organization. With your help and support, we feel that we will be successful.


If this is something that you would like to be a part of, then come

and be part of what we are doing and what we are building.


We welcome you.


We invite you to visit us in person or at our web site.   





CONTACT:               Charles Tilley            ttexastilley@sbcglobal.net

                                    1473 CR 463  Princeton, Texas 75407-2197

                                    972-736-2664       Tyler local #  903-360-1111