Annual memberships $25.00


Name: _______________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________

City: _____________________________

State: _____________ZIP: ____________Phone:__________________

E-Mail Address  _____________________________________________

Years Experience: ____Play professionally?   Yes__ No __

Favorite music: CW ____ Western Swing ___ Jazz ___ Other____

Music Instrument and Brand: _________________________________

Do You Have Any Work on CDs Available? Yes ___  NO __

Type of Membership :   Musician ___Non Musician: ___

Date of Membership Application: ________________________

Type of Remittance:    Check: _____    Cash: _______


                      IMPORTANT   NOTICE


This application, when presented to the officers designated

for review, indicates that you have read and understood

the rules and guidelines established for membership and

agree to abide by them. They can be seen at the following

URL:      www.etsga.org/etsga11.htm


If you cannot view this site please ask for a copy before

submitting this application.




If you are submitting this application by mail, send it to

  Bob White  P.O. Box 156 Palestine, Texas  75802